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maxd is a data warehouse and visualisation environment for genomic expression data. It is being developed in the University of Manchester by the Microarray Bioinformatics Group.

This work is currently being funded by the nice people at NERC as part of the Post-Genomics and Proteomics thematic programme.. Information about training and support services for maxd and other bioinformatics software (including an integrated bionformatics computing environment based on a customised version of Linux) can be found by visiting the homepage for the NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre.

The software is released under the terms of the Perl Artistic Licence which means that it can be used for free for any purpose and that it comes complete with source code.

If you'd like to be informed of new developments as they occur, please join the maxd_announce mailing list.

maxdLoad2, the second generation of the database and the data loading and curation application, is now available. Although still in active development, it is stable and we recommend that you use it rather than previous versions. It offers full support for the MIAME standard, uses the MGED Ontology, exports data in MAGE-ML format and provides greatly improved data loading and browsing facilities.


Software components
maxdLoad2   standards-compliant, highly customisable transcriptomics database
maxdView   modular and easily extensible data visualisation and analysis environment
maxdSetup   installation management utility
Useful resources
teaching material   tutorial slides with an overview of the software
development roadmap   a brief outline of plans for the future
Contact points
maxd_announce @ cs.man.ac.uk   general announcements (mailing list)
maxd_info @ cs.man.ac.uk   general requests
maxd_bugs @ cs.man.ac.uk   reporting errors and problems
maxd_developers @ cs.man.ac.uk   technical queries